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About Us

Welcome to our Bulk Paper Products & Supplies Store.

Where you can buy palletised paper products at low wholesale prices online

Welcome to MiniJumbos.co.uk, We hope you enjoy your experience on our website. When we decided to enter the world of catering and Janitorial we asked ourselves 'what were the key things people are looking for on a website like this?.'

The key we decided was clear and concise information giving the customer a 'clean' and simple way of finding the exact mini jumbo toilet rolls, or centrefeed rolls you require.

All our paper products have detailed measurements and specifications listed, so that you know what you are buying.

We also set up an easy to understand delivery structure which is defined by postcode, making it easy for the prospective customer to order with confidence. Most of all though, we want to make sure you are looked after as a customer when buying anything on our website. We use leading transport companies who give excellent service at a competitive rate to match our quality products. Please feel free to contact us directly should you need any help purchasing mini jumbo toilet rolls or centrefeed rolls.